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Theme problems

by ocisscom / September 5, 2017, 12:10 am

Hi friends,

Problems for activate your theme. upload the theme via ftp, and on turn off on wordpress, wordpress directly down….

Waiting for your news, thanks.


It's hard to assume what exactly is causing the trouble. Do you have a fresh installation of Wordpress? It would be easier for us to provide support if we could have a firsthand view of the issue.
You can opt for our free demo installation. You will need to drop us an email with your site credentials / FTP related information at : 0effortthemes@itobuz.com.


Hello, I received your Wordpress details. However, the site is not really working. It shows This site can’t be reached! Please make sure you have the website running so that we are able to see the issue.

Hello again,

Ok, I delete all wordpress, and install new wordpress (V 4.8.1 ). Now, is 100% operational and verifed. The FTP dates is same


The site link always tries to redirects to: http://cpanel.valldor7.com/cpsess8320424498/3rdparty/installatron/index.cgi?s=1005cpsess8320424498&cmd=sitexfer&id=9yhfm0m2jg0s40coskswsc4og
Not sure what can be causing the trouble but we are not being able to see the site live.

I tried connecting with the FTP also but FTP isn't being able to resolve the host as it seems.